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Instructional Leadership - A Case Study of Kerry ETB Schools

csKerry ETB has been involved with the Instructional Leadership Programme since 2008. All eight schools in Kerry ETB have en- gaged significantly with the IL programme. At least three staff members in each school have received the certificate of com- pletion of the formal Instructional Leadership Programme.


• Kerry ETB has set up a Professional Learning Community, with representatives from all eight schools in attendance, which focusses on how to best further embed Instructional Leadership in each school.

• Kerry ETB has supported the use of a ‘Day of Learning’ in each school to further enhance how teaching and learning could be informed by the most recent up to date teaching and learning methodologies.

• One school within the ETB has used the Graphic Organiser, ‘Mind Mapping’, to develop a one page school brochure to illustrate service the school offers to the local community. This format has greatly enhanced communication with students, staff, parents and the wider community.

• Schools use their ‘planning time’ to embed the skills, tactics and strategies into their lesson design. Indeed, some schools are supporting teachers on an individual basis by identifying suitable skills, tactics and strategies for specific subjects.

• A number of schools have completed student surveys, which demonstrate that students find it easier to engage in learning when the teacher designs the lesson to include tactics, strategies and skills from the IL Programme. These include ‘placemat’, ‘think pair share’, use of questioning and ‘graphic organisers’ like ‘fishbone’ and ‘Venn diagrams’. Some students indicated that the strategies and tactics have also proved very beneficial tools for study and revising.

• The teams who have completed the Instructional Leadership programme have taken responsibility to present to their colleagues on their learning from the IL programme, during school planning time. While some schools have set up teaching and learning clubs, which meet during lunchtime, for teachers to become familiar with particular skills, tactics and strategies that enhance lessons. All students can engage and make progress when the teachers using the IL programme in their teaching and learning.

• Subject, DEIS and MML/WSE Reports have highly commended how the skills, tactics and strategies are having a very positive effect on student engagement in the classrooms visited.