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Moville Community College

School/College Name:                       Moville Community College            

Management Body:                            Co. Donegal VEC    

Subjects of teachers involved:            Maths, Music, English, History, Irish,S.P.H.E.

Impact on professional learning:
The impact on the members of staff who have participated on the Instructional Intelligence in-services has been profound. The principal has attended all five sessions and two teachers have attended four of the sessions with a replacement attending one session. All have found the content to be relevant to their workand have found it very successful on a number of levels. It has given them an increased ranged of skills with which to impart their subject. It has enabled them to apply more complex teaching tactics and strategies which in turn raised the effectiveness of their teaching and student learning. Furthermore their classroom management skills, lesson design and understanding of how they teach have become much more scientific in their approach. Awareness of large tracts of educational organisers such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gender, Special Needs Education and dealing with children at risk has hugely increased. The consequent capacity to respond in an effective and professional way to children presenting to them has increased commensurately. 

Impacton Student Learning:

The increased effectiveness on student learning has been confirmed anecdotally by the staff on occasions after they used techniques learned. More satisfactory analysis of test results after using Team Games Tournament has shown clear improvements. Student reaction to the use of Collaborative Learning techniques such as Placemat and Team Games Tournament have been very well received by the vast majority of learners. Students whose learning style is predominately reading may not find it appealing. Graphic Organisers such as Fish Bone Diagrams, MindMaps and Concept Maps are very popular revision tools and students much preferthese than “reams of note taking”.

Step approach to dissemination (school/local level):
MovilleCommunity College has a policy that attendance at a seminar is conditional on reporting back to staff at an appropriate level. Generally this is to a staff meeting or during a School Development Planning day. After each session one or all of the participants gave a presentation to all the staff on the previous session’s activities. Apresentation of about two hours was given in each case including practical examples of techniques learned. Some staff members have observed teachers inclass delivering the methodologies learned. Application has been made to have other members of staff enrolled on the next course. More teachers have expressed an interest than there are places available.

Plan for future dissemination:
Three schools from Co. Donegal VEC have attended the first series of in-services. Collectively those trained delivered a one day session to 46 newly contracted teachers inthe areas of Collaborative Learning, Classroom Management and Concept Attainment. Evaluation of the event was extremely positive and encouraged repetition of this service to new staff. It is the intention of Co. Donegal VEC to find other ways to further deliver these in-services.