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Teams Games Tournament



Compile a series of questions and answers on a topic to be revised(c 24-40).

Divide q and a’s into 4 sets and label them hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Produce 4 question sheets and four answer sheets.

Copy the question sheets and answer sheets by as many groups as you have in your class.

Staple the 4 question sheets together and then the 4 answer sheets together.

Teams need 2 sheets of paper and 2 pens to record scores.

Give a deck of cards to each group. If there are 6 questions have students sort the ace to 6 of each suit + the queen of each suit. (If 7,8,9,10 questions add the relevant cards.)

Divide your class into groups/teams of 4 (if there’s an odd number have some groups of 3). In a group of 3 the teacher should select the student to work alone – a student with a strong grasp of the subject.


Teams in groups. Ask 2 students from each team to go to another table (or where there are 3 students, the teacher selects the student to move).
Tell students they have 10 minutes to ask and answer as many questions as possible.
One pair of students has the question sheets. The second pair has the answer sheets.
The pair with the question sheets draw the top card from the deck. They try to answer the question for the card they have drawn – eg ace of clubs = question 1 on the clubs question sheet.

They give their answer and the opposing pair say whether it is right or wrong. If correct the mark is recorded.

Should a queen be drawn, the players pick the next card and stand to win double marks. If they are lucky enough to draw a second queen they quadruple the marks and so on!

Then the pairs swop question and answer sheets and draw again.

The aim is to ask and answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed.

When the teacher indicated that time is up the students thank the others at their table and then return to their original group, carrying with them the points they have earned.

Once back to the home table the scores of the 2 pairs are added.

The winning team is the team that scored the highest mark.

A prize might be in order.