Resources Available – Concept Attainment

Concept Attainment is a strategy that creates opportunities for students to think for themselves. As a strategy it encourages students to operate at the level of analysis, an essential skill in the process of critical thinking. It assists students in uncovering patterns of thought and facilitates opportunities to talk, both of which help drive intellectual growth.

Phases of Concept Attainment

A. Provide Focus Statement and present the Data Set

B. Students share their thinking and their hypotheses

C. Application and Extension of the concept

D. Application of the concept

                                  (Bennett & Rolheiser, Beyond Monet,2008. P205)

Knowing that the process of creating data sets is time consuming, Professor Barrie Bennet has prepared Data Sets for you to use in your classroom:

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1.Similes and Metaphors


3.Nationalism & Ultra Nationalism 

4.Common Denominator