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Module 14 : Self Evaluation & School Improvement


1. To explore with participants the process of School Self-Evaluation, with particular reference to the Irish context as laid down by the DES

2To consider with participants the potential of the Instructional Leadership Programme as an aid to effective Self-Evaluation

3. To examine with participants the relationship between Self-Evaluation and School Improvement

4. To explore the process of data gathering, analysis and target setting

5. To consider the features of an effective school improvement plan with reference to teaching and learning.


  • Consideration of what is meant by the term ‘School Self-Evaluation’
  • A rationale for School Self-Evaluation in the Irish context
  • Overview of the School Self-Evaluation process
  • Consideration of relevant research from various international contexts
  • Consideration of types of data and mechanisms for gathering data
  • Interpreting data and setting appropriate targets in the Self-Evaluation process: some insights
  • Self-Evaluationand Instructional Leadership
  • The School Improvement Process: managing action plans
  • Integrating Instructional leadership practices in the school: Towards an action plan for improving Teaching and Learning

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of their engagement with this module,participants will:

1.    Be able to identify the key features of the process of School Self-Evaluation

2.    Be able to identify the link between School Self-Evaluation and School Improvement

3.    Be familiar with some research findings in relation to School Self-Evaluation and school Improvement

4.    Be aware of different forms of data and mechanisms for acquiring same

5.    Be able to use data to inform actions aimed at school improvement

6.    Be able to work towards an action plan focused on enhancing teaching and Learning with reference to the Instructional Leadership Programme.