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Module 7 : Co-operative Learning

Co-Operative Learning Powerpoint

Co-Operative Learning Handouts


1.     To acquaint participants with research findings in relation to what constitutes effective group learning

2.     To enable participants to articulate a rationale for integrating co-operative learning structures with the instructional concepts already considered

3.     To critically engage with the work of the Johnson brothers, specifically in relation to the Five Basic Elements of Effective Group Work

4.     To explore with participants a number of specified co-operative tactics that may be integrated within lesson plans


Exploration of what constitutes effective group learning by referring to expert research, with particular reference to smallgroup structures

  • Consideration of the notion of learning as socially constructed
  • How to actively teach social skills, communication,critical thinking skills as prerequisites for students engaging successfully in group work
  • The three dimensions of co-operative learning: Structural approach; Process Approach; Safe Classroom Approach
  • The Johnsons’ Five Basic Elements of Effective Group Work
  • Six useful co-operative tactics:

Inside/Outside circles; Place Mat; Four Corners; Graffiti; Three Step Interview; Teams Games Tournament

  • Evaluation of sample lessons based on co-operative learning strategy

Learning Outcomes:  

At the end of their engagement with this module, participants will:

1.     Be able to refer torelevant research conclusions about the efficacy of particular approaches to group work

2.     Be aware of how co-operative learning models may be integrated into teachers’ instructional repertoires so as to enable student learning

3.    Understand the rationale for teaching students the required skills to be able to process group work effectively

4.     Apply their knowledge of the Johnsons’ Five Basic Elements of Effective Group Work to the design of lesson plans

5.     Effectively integrate a range of specified co-operative tactics into their lesson plans