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Module 6 : Lesson Design

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1.     To enhance participants’ awareness of the power of Instructional Strategies by referring to and exemplifying the strategy of “Lesson Design” as enunciated by Madeline Hunter.

2.     To demonstrate the power of “Lesson Design” as a means of effectively integrating a variety of Instructional Concepts, Skills, Tactics and Strategies in a single lesson.

3.    To afford participants the opportunity to consider the practical application of key ideas and principles considered in previous modules.

4.     To further enhance participants’ awareness of relevant research findings and conclusions.


Discussion and description of “Lesson Design”

  • Examination of the seven components of “Lesson Design” through identifying the critical attributes of each and exemplifying their application in various lesson plan settings:

o  Sharing the Objective and Purpose of the Lesson

o  Modelling/Demonstrating

o  Input/Information

o  Mental Set/ Anticipatory set

o  Checkingfor Understanding

o  Practice

o  Closure/Reflection

  • Modelling a sample lesson based on the “Lesson Design”
  • Integrating aspects of other strategies with “Lesson Design” to further enhance the powerful application of a strategy in the classroom: Co-operative Learning and Mind Mapping.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of their engagement with this module,participants will:

1.    Be able to articulate the role of “Lesson Design” as a powerful strategy in the classroom

2.     Be able to identify the seven components that constitute the strategy and discuss the critical attributes of each

3.     Be able to deconstruct a sample lesson where the strategy of “Lesson Design” is invoked and label the various interventions

4.     Be able to stack/integrate these interventions with other strategies so as to further enhance the potential power of “Lesson Design” as a means of enabling student learning.