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Module 5 : Instructional Organisers

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1.    To develop participants’ awareness of the role Instructional  Organisers and how they influence the teacher’s wise selection of classroom interventions

2.    To develop participants’ knowledge of specific examples of Instructional Organisers,

3.    To  further refine participants’ understanding of the interplay between Instructional Organisers and Instructional Concepts, Skills, Tactics and Strategies in classroom practice.

4.    To extend participants awareness of relevant research findings and conclusions


  • Defining what is meant by an Instructional Organiser
  • Exploration of specific examples of Instructional Organisers:
Multiple IntelligencesEmotional IntelligenceLearning Styles 
The Human BrainChildren at riskGender 
Culture/ ethnicityLearning disabilitiesChild development 
  • Consideration of relevant research findings

Learning Outcomes

At the end of their engagement with this module,participants will:

1.     Be able to define the role of Instructional Organisers in effective teaching and learning

2.     Be able to articulate the relationship between Instructional Organisers and Instructional Concepts, Skills, Tactics and Strategies in classroom practice.

3.     Be able to specify and discuss examples of Instructional Organisers, with particular reference to relevant research relating to those cited above.

4.     Be able to apply their developing knowledge of Instructional Organisers to their own particular classroom circumstances and experiences.